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Covid-19 information: We are continuing to offer pet care through this pandemic but are taking protective measures for both our clients and ourselves. These measures include sanitising hands before entering any property, using our own equipment when reasonable to avoid the need to touch yours, conducting consultations remotely over the phone or video calls, and collecting your dog from the gate where possible to keep our distance from our human clients. You are welcome to contact your local pet sitter to discuss these measures further.

To help at-risk clients through these times, we are offering half price dog walking to anybody who wishes to self isolate due to themselves or members of their household being vulnerable to covid-19. This allows your dogs to get out while keeping contact between you and other people to a minimum. This brings the cost to $12.50 for 20min plus $2.50 per additional 10 minutes. This offer is for both new and existing clients. We may also be able to offer some discount to healthcare workers and clients struggling financially, so please contact us to discuss your individual circumstances.

Please inform us if you have any symptoms of respiratory illness or fever, or suspected contact with somebody who may have covid-19 before we attend your property so that we can take appropriate protective measures.

Critters has provided professional, in-home pet minding and dog walking services in Perth, Western Australia since 2009.

We understand that not everybody has the spare time or physical health to walk their dogs as often as needed, but we love nothing more than helping you out by taking your dog on a nice luxurious stroll through the park, or a high energy power walk down the street.

We also know that, either due to work or the need for a well-earned holiday, you may need to leave your pets behind. Kennels and catteries can be stressful, unpleasant environments for animals. Many pets prefer the comforts of home; so we come to your house to visit your pets, feed them, clean up after them, and make sure they and your home are well looked after while you're away.

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As a registered business with public liability insurance and police clearances, Critters Pet Care maintains a high level of professionalism. For many of our services, clients must offer us their trust, so in return we respect our clients, their property, and (most of all) their pets.

We behave in a calm, gentle, and patient manner around your pets. We have experience and confidence with large and intimidating dog breeds, and will also happily work with the smallest of animals, being sensitive to those critters with more delicate temperaments.


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