About Us

The aim of Critters Pet Care is to give pet owners the peace of mind that their companions will be given the best of care while they're away. We take great pride in being reliable, honest, professional, and caring.

Critters Pet Care was founded in 2009 and is owned by Megan Keating. Julie Masel, Louise Hammond, Ashley Cullen, Katherine McKenzie, Ari Masel, and Kristy Hick each joined the team over the years as independent contractors, to help cover the growing demand and expand our coverage. Please see this map for a detailed look at the regions covered by each of us.



Megan and SarellaAbout Megan

Covering the north eastern suburbs

Megan started Critters Pet Care after contemplating how she could make a living doing something that she loves (cuddling animals) and fit it in with her studies. Over her years as a chronic student, completing a BSc (psychology), BScTech (zoology), Cert III in Companion Animal Services, and Graduate Diploma in Education, Megan grew her business beyond what she could cover herself, and so gradually added some wonderful, hand-picked people to help her look after the many pets of Perth.

Growing up partly in the city and partly on 6 acres in Serpentine, Megs has kept a huge number of animal companions including; dogs, cats, mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, fish, chooks, ducks and aviary birds. She has also fostered and rehabilitated a handful of orphaned or ill native wildlife, including kangaroos, a possum, bobtail lizards and a range of birds. She has worked as a trainer at the Dog's Refuge Home in Shenton Park and volunteered with Assistance Dogs Australia.

Megan is currently sharing a home with her great dane (Banana), three cats (Marlin, Molly, and Moth), a carpet python (Sarella), a marine aquarium, and the latest addition to her family, Francis, a tiny human born in April 2017 (who often accompanies her on pet sitting duties and is already developing an enthusiastic love of animals).

JulieAbout Julie

Covering the inner northern suburbs

Julie has been an animal lover all her life. She has never known life without at least one dog by her side. She currently shares her home with her dog Buddy, her cat Panther and her snake Kevin (not to mention a husband and three kids). She hand raised Panther from an abandoned three day old kitten, (feeding him every 2 hours round the clock) to the healthy much loved cat he is today.

Julie volunteered at the Native Animal Rescue Centre for several years and also served time on the committee. During this time she home fostered many birds, bobtails, turtles, joeys and even a bat.

Julie realised a dream last year spending a week caring for elephants in Thailand.

No title is more apt for Julie than "All Creatures Great and Small"

About Louise

Covering the south-western suburbs

Louise credits her huge love for animals to her parents, who had a wide variety of pets pass through her childhood (dogs, guinea pigs, birds, fish, and of course crazy crabs!), and who almost religiously had her watching David Attenborough docos. Louise has been a small dog lover for years (family pets always being Jack Russels), but discovered the charms of the larger variety when in Canada caring for and helping train Huskys for dog sledding.

After struggling for a few years after high school deciding what direction to take with her life, Louise found pet sitting, and has since then been set on having a career with animals. Constantly trying to combine her love for fluffy things with her debilitating travel bug (a virus that eats all your money but gives you unforgettable adventures), Louise has covered a fair amount of the globe, working with animals anywhere she can. Currently studying Conservation & Wildlife Biology at Murdoch University, Louise plans on somehow making a living out of her unconditional love for all critters!


About Ashley

Covering the western suburbs

Ashley grew up with animals her whole life, ranging from dogs, cats, fish, mice and horses. Her Grandad had a farm in Serpentine that she frequently stayed at, which had chooks and cows. Currently, Ash has two dogs and two kittens, which she rescued as orphans when they were just one week old.

Ashley is currently studying Veterinary Science at Murdoch University. She also volunteers at Native Animal Rescue, where she assists in the rehabilitation of a range of Australian wildlife species, such as bobtails, joeys, emus, possums and a variety of aviary birds. She has a huge passion for all animals and, being a vet student, is always keen to help and look after them when they are in need.


About Katherine

Covering the northern suburbs

Kat grew up in a family of animal lovers and has always had a pet by her side to cuddle and share the joys of life. Kat's childhood was full of eventful times hanging out with hamsters, fish, dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs in her family home where the pets were referred to as her siblings. In 2004, Kat's family moved to Perth from the UK and brought over "Ellie" the rescue black Labrador to start a new life in this sunny city. Kat has always loved large breeds of dogs, particularly Labradors and Retrievers, and her family puppy-raised "Sol" for Guide Dogs WA.

Kat holds a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Nutrition and a Graduate Diploma of Secondary Education (major in Science) from Edith Cowan University. In her spare time, she likes to train at the gym, play netball, walk along the coastline and watch nature documentaries.

AriAbout Ari

Covering Melbourne

With a mother like Julie (one of our walkers in Perth), Ari was destined to be animal mad. He was brought up with a zoo at home – 2 brothers, 2 dogs, 1 father, 1 snake and a steady a constant variety of joeys, bats, ducks or whatever else Julie could ‘steal’ from the animal rehabilitation centre they both volunteered at. He can’t walk past a dog on the street without stopping for a 5 minute conversation about how much of a good boy/girl they are before proceeding to acknowledge the owner.

After relocating to Melbourne to study veterinary science, Ari wants to maintain his daily dose of cuddles with whoever would be interested.


About Kristy

Covering the eastern suburbs

Kristy was surrounded by animals growing up on a farm in Walpole, where her love for all creatures great and small developed. Keeping chickens, ducks, canaries, and quails as well as many cats and farm dogs. Raising beef cattle meant that every year there would be orphan calves to raise (and of course mothers to help give birth!) as well as lambs. A family interest in race horses meant that there was always an abundance of both horses and foals to care for and aid in their training.

Moving to the city, Kristy has been able to continue working in the industry she is so passionate about, by working at a dog and cat boarding and training facility, working with all breeds of dogs with various behavioural issues. After completing a Bachelor of Social Science, Kristy has studied Agribusiness and Landcare and had a career in Real Estate, Restaurant Management and Group Fitness, but her real love has always been animals, thus completing a certificate in Dog Psychology and Training, and currently studying a Master of Animal Science.

Kristy currently has two dogs, a 6 year old Border Collie ‘Bill’ and 18 month old German Shepherd ‘Ted’ and a rescue cat ‘Ralphi’. Kristy also volunteers as a handler with Guide Dogs WA and writes a monthly article for ‘Dogs Life’ magazine.